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A better approach to website management and digital marketing starts here. Security, rigorous maintenance, data tracking and integrations are the building blocks of our services. We take care of each site like it's our own. Spend less while getting more. Join the hive and see the difference.

What Hive Is

Better Website Management

We begin with secure & reliable hosting. We then make constant updates to WordPress, plugins and themes to keep your site running optimally and secure.

Comprehensive Tracking

You’ll get advanced analytics dashboards for on-demand access to data from every interaction on your website. Start making informed decisions.

Automated Integrations

We will make your website work harder for you through integrations to various platforms, saving you time and preventing human error.

Custom Solutions

We also handle case-by-case solutions for websites and ecommerce including building websites and webstores, and digital marketing management for SEM and SEO.

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Streamlined to Improve

Through careful selection, we established a blueprint for all the sites we manage.  All sites receive the same security, the same backup frequency, and the same data tracking. Our streamlined system allows for perfection through repetition and allows you to feel more comfortable knowing your site is well taken care of.

Streamlined to Save

Our careful streamlining also allows us to save time and resources, and you to save money.  All while providing better service and support.

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